Wearable Art – An Innovation In The Twentieth Century

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Looking at the broad historical perspective, people have been considering clothing as an elemental demand that cannot be replaced in human life. Clothes have become a typical topic for not only researchers but also students. That was the reason why I had a trip to a museum of Te Manawa and saw many exhibits there about wearable arts. At the first sight I stepped into the arts area, I started to wonder what the artists created these costumes for. I stopped by an exhibit, called “The Reflection On Time”, which impressed me the most. Wearing a hooded jacket with a jean, I was almost overwhelmed with its magnificence. It was such a pellucid collection of plastics that you can see through and observe every line of the model statue. It brought me a feeling of standing in front of an elegant lady. I had never seen such a pure beauty before. Being a faithful fan of Lady Gaga, I found those unique costumes were very interesting. I then did a research on things called “wearable arts”. Surprisingly, it turned out wearable arts has become a popular term recently. Actually, it is quite difficult to define what wearable arts really are. Basically, wearable art consists of innovative combinations of things which are able to express emotions of the artists or causes emotional reactions in the audience and can be worn in certain circumstances.
Wearable art dated firstly in 1987 at the show called “The World of WearableArt”, (History of world…, n.d., npg). Up to now, it has been about three decades since the first show of wearable art was held by a sculptor, Suzie Moncrieff in Nelson which is a rural city of southern New Zealand, in hope of creating a new form of art gallery performance, (History of world…, n.d., npg). The show has attracted hundreds of artists from various countries in all over the world, for instance the USA, UK, Thailand, Australia, (History of world…, n.d., npg). Suzie came up with an idea of taking art “off the wall” and performing it on the stage and, (History of world…, n.d., npg). “Off the wall” was also the title of the exhibition which I saw on the museum of Te Manawa. It is a double denotation term. Firstly, it can be viewed as an action which makes an idea come into being. “Off the wall” can also be seen as weird or unusual. In short, the idea of making pictures on the wall come in reality and putting them on human body are strange ideas that people have never done before and that is what we call wearable arts.
As wearable art is seemingly hard to define, separating them into two parts is likely to provide an easier understanding. First of all, if something is wearable, it is pleasant and comfortable to wear, (Oxford Dictionaries, n.d., npg). This adjective can be easily seen in the descriptions of cloths or elements of fashion. For example, people usually wear suits to look formal and attractive for their presentations. Looking at sports aspects, sporty cloths are wearable for the athletes due to its feature of sweat absorption and...

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