Wearable Technology Essay

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Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is a broad term that encompasses many forms, these forms can include glasses, bracelets, watches, clothing or many other smart items. The potential for growth in this market is limitless. This technology allows individuals to re-shape how their tasks are completed by giving them a hands-free to heads-up option. The “Internet of things” refers to an explosion of devices with connectivity and potentially artificial intelligence. This could show in motors, clothes, thermostats or other appliances. The IOT is rapidly adding to the context that will amplify the impact wearable technology has on the world. No longer will laptops or ...view middle of the document...

The market of wearable technology is like a mini economy in its own right. Each possibility is interesting in its own isolated time but even more compelling with combined because the boom is allowing new manufacturers to enter the market driving the technology which only means creating more demand from the consumer. The mobile revolution of the past few decades has placed increasingly more powerful computing in to the palms of our hands and enabled us to take part in a digital world while living in a physical one. Wearable technology differs from that action in that it surrounds us in this digital information and augments our physical world instead of creating different one.
Wearable in the workplace
Few businesses have tapped the full use and potential of smart technology like tablets and smartphones and organizations are still learning how to develop apps for these devices that help in an intuitive fashion. Many companies continue to operate under the standard model while slowly learning how to operate under the “digital” model. These companies have barely adopted the changes that can be made with conventional mobile technology like smartphone and tablet, why should they consider another investment in to wearable technology?
The value of Wearable technology come from being able to introduce technology in to areas where it was previously impossible. Wearables can allow workers to seamlessly access information in situations and can be key, especially in situations where hands free utility would be an advantage. Safety is a concern in every work environment both for the employee and potentially the product which is being handled. Wearable technology could offer the employee the access to crucial information with them having to remove safety gloves or record data without having to commit it to memory. A specific example would be workers in the Nano-technology field. They spend hours inside a clean room environment to prevent contamination of

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