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Wearable Technology And Today's Society Essay

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For years now the military has taken advantage of the use of wearable technology. Soldiers have been wearing sensors in their uniforms and cameras in their helmets. When it was noticed that such devices were fairly cheap to make, app developers and manufacturers decided to bring it to the market in 2013. Companies such as Google, Samsung, and Sony have been quick to jump onto the bandwagon. Google has created their idea of wearable technology in their launch of “Google Glass”. The high tech glasses can do almost anything computer can do such as navigation, make calls, take pictures, record videos as you see them and even video chat. Other developers have created their renditions of “smart watches”. All of them are based upon the same concept, which is putting majority of your features from your mobile devices right at your wrist, yet keeping the simplicity of a watch. To contrary belief watches and glasses are not the only installments made to wearable technologies, some places have made t-shirts that charge phones and vest that allow patients monitoring in hospitals.
Many are wondering how these devices can be anything other than a fashion trend. The wearable technology revolution is much more than a way to access your cellular device or computer right at your wrist or eye glasses, it can also be beneficial when it comes to health of the elderly. It has been said that in many parts of the world, people are trying to figure out technologies that can help with care for the elderly (Apex, 2013). Wearable technology comes in to play a vital role because they can help monitor the patient and can also have alarms installed in them that can prevent medical emergencies (Apex, 2013). In some hospitals they have used a Spanish invention called Nuubo, which is a vest that deals with monitoring of the patients (Apex, 2013).
Like any other development in technology there are many issues that come along with it. For example when Kodak first came out with their camera there were a lot of privacy issues that it faced. The Smart Watches and Google Glass face the problems of security and privacy. “Many wearable devices can connect to the Internet via a Wi-Fi access point, leading to the possibility of data theft of personal information, including personal identification numbers (PINs) and passwords. For example, if someone wears a pair of smart glasses while conducting a transaction at an automated teller machine, the PIN could be captured if the information stream is not appropriately encrypted. Similarly, working at a personal computer while wearing smart glasses might be even more problematic since accessing a bank account or shopping online could lead to the theft of user identification, account numbers and passwords” (“Wearable Technology: Security's Next Dilemma?”, 2013). Although the last example was a bit extreme it is more than likely that something to that extent can occur. Companies will have to figure out a way to put restrictions and limits on...

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