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Weather And Mood Essay

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Running head: EXTREME TEMPERATURE AND MOOD 8Extreme Temperatures Affect Our MoodOualidslim GharbiCommunity College of AuroraExtreme Temperatures Affect Our MoodThe weather controls every aspect of our daily lives. It influences our choices and decisions on what to wear, what to eat, and what kind of activities we should do. Ancient civilizations feared and respected the power of the weather. They created and worshiped different weather gods. During extreme weather conditions such as during dry seasons and floods, they used human sacrifices to appeal to the god of sun or to the god of the rain. Survival and biological necessity defined the relationship between men and the weather. Even with the advance of science and philosophy in the next civilizations, the study of weather was primary linked to a physiological and biological needs. Research studies with psychological approach were rare and often ignored because scientists and researchers did not believe in weather's psychological effects on humans. According to the French philosopher Blaise Pascal, who strongly denied any correlation between weather and mood, " the weather and my mood have little connection. I have my foggy and my fine days within me; my prosperity and my misfortune has nothing to do with the matter" ( n d). Thanks to the psychological revolution in 1950's, more research studies have dedicated a lot of thought to this relationship between weather and mood. As a result of a special interest in this correlation between weather and mood, much research has been performed to demonstrate that weather has influence over people's emotion and behavior. Keller et al.(2005) investigated the effect of temperature, pressure, and the time spent outside on the psychological processes.( Keller et al., 2005). Their research study demonstrated that sunny weather with high temperature and high pressure has a positive effect on the mood of participants who spent more than 30 minutes outside, but among participants who spent less than 30 minutes, higher temperature and pressure were associated with lower mood.( Keller et al., 2005). In a similar multidimensional experimental study, Howarth and Hoffman (1984) studied the impact of different weather variables such as humidity, temperature, and hours of sunshine on mood ( Howarth & Hoffman, 1984). They concluded that sunshine is associated with the mood of optimism, where as humidity and and low temperature were associated with the mood of anxiety, aggression, Depression, and low concentration (Howarth & Hoffman,1984).while these research findings showed significant correlation between mood and several weather variables and both demonstrated the effect of a specific or limited range of temperatures on mood, they did not clearly examined the effect of extreme temperatures . Both research were run during a short period of time and at the same place, which made it impossible to test the mood of their participants when the temperature is below zero...

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