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Weather Banning Plastic Bags Is Right Approach Or Are There Any Other Alternative To It

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“Bhutan first banned the use of plastic bags in 1999. This was reinforced in 2005 and again in 2009. Now in 2013, we still see plastic bags in use”
Topic: Write an easy on weather banning plastic bags is the right approach to waste management or are there other means to achieve waste management.
Plastic bag waste has become one of the serious problems that have threatened the health of natural resources, ecosystem, biodiversity, animals, human life and environment. We can see tens and thousands of people are throwing and using plastic bags every day. According to Oxford Dictionaries (2014) they define plastic bags as “A synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymers such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, etc., that can be molded into shape while soft, and then set into a rigid or slightly elastic form”. According to Facts and Myths report of 2014 notes that every year over one trillion plastic bags are consume and used worldwide. China consumes almost 3 billion plastic bags yearly and in every minute around 0ne million of plastic bags are consumed. The number of plastic user is increasing every year due to its extraordinary strength and it’s versatile for the consumers. Plastic bags can be classified into two categories that are biodegradable and degradable. Biodegradable are those plastic bag that are made from plant-based material such as corn, wheat and etc… and they will biodegrade within six month if they are composted where as degradable plastic bag are made

Every year government passes different acts, policy, rules and regulation with regard to use and disposal of plastic bags. It’s is been done so, that the number of plastic bags can be reduce. For instance, in 1999 the Royal Government of Bhutan has banned the use of plastic bag in order to strength the use of non-utilization of plastic material. Bhutan first banned the use of plastic bag in 1999 and it grabbed worldwide headline but the banned proved to be ineffective and unsuccessful. The reason for failure was at that time Bhutan banned the use plastic bag without finding other alternative. As a result, people kept on using plastic bags. According to Achyut Bhandari (2012) notes that, in 1999 it was difficult to monitory and ensuring compliance. He quoted stated that “we did not have a proper legislation to back our rules and regulation” at that time. During that period, people lacked general awareness about plastic bags. Due to this in 2005 the ban was reinforced but still solid waste especially plastic, continue to remain in high. In 2005, Thimphu alone has generated about 60 tons of waste per day (BBS). The easy will main focuses on the effect of plastic bag and what are other alternative available to plastic bags.

Effects of plastic bags
Today, everyone including child, student, parents, framers and shopkeeper uses plastic bags for shopping, carrying their item and packing goods. Which is good, but the problem that is associated with this is once they have reach...

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