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Weather Forecasting Essay

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IT took a long time to complete. Very complete in research. Very Good Job. Good use of vocabularyWeather ForecastingIn researching this project I was amazed to find the many bookson this topic. After going through much information and reading anenormous amount of writing on weather forecasting I can only come toone conclusion that when all is considered the best forecasters canonly give an educated guess of what is in store for weather. Throughthe many means at their disposal, such as satellites, ships at the ocean,infrared, radio, and radar transmissions even with all of thesetechniques no prediction is 100% accurate.One question that I asked myself was 'when was the first weatherforecasting ever done?', I found out that in 1863 in Britain there was aunited forecasting system headed by Captain Robert Fitzroy. CaptainFitzroy would send ships around Britain to warn people of storms andsuch. However, he was often wrong and criticized and thereforcommitted suicide. Since then there have been many other services,but the largest one currently is the National Weather Service. TheNational Weather Service gives predictions for all of the world throughsatellite imagery for all countries. Also in recent history many localtelevision and radio stations have made private forecasts for smallareas.Meteorologists are people who interpret the weather, the reason Idon't say predict the weather is because even though all forecastershave the same information and data at their fingertips, the way thatthey interpret what is in front of them can be different. Meteorologistsreceive information from various sources, but their interpretation ofthe data determines the accuracy of their prediction.Someone might ask, 'If forecasters have so much information ona particular area; how could they predict a flawed forecast ?' Theanswer to that question lies in the fact that any one of a number ofweather conditions may ruin a forecast. A fast cold or hot frontmoving in, an unexpected flow from the ocean or a cold wind maychange the whole days forecast.There are many different materials and devices used by local andgovernment services to predict the weather. Some of these devices are,Radar which is actually sound waves, which bounce off clouds andgive location of storms this way.Another such device is actually a variation of radar called'Doppler Radar' actually can give the exact location of a storm withina kilometer. However, Doppler Radar is not used so much for everydayforecasting, but for tornadoes and very large storms. The way DopplerRadar works is almost the same as regular radar with one advantage, italso can measure the speed of an object or storm, which makes itsprime usage tornado watching.Some other techniques have been adapted to forecast the weathersuch as infrared beams, which even at night can show where...

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