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Weather Management Can Control All The Factors Influencing Demand For And Supply Of Labour.

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This essay will be discussing if management can control all the factors influencing demand for and supply of labour.Management is the process of acquiring and combining human, financial and physical resources to attain the organization's primary goal of producing a product or service desired by some segment of the society. (Longecker:1984:2). However, in this essay, management will be referring to those people at the top of the hierarchy in the organization. It must also be pointed out that both demand for and supply of labour involves human resource planning which according to Mathis (1999:12) is a process through which managers attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and demand for labour.Demand for labour means looking at the future needs of the organization in terms of human resources while on the other hand, supply of labour involves an assessment of current staffing levels in the organization especially by looking at the numbers of people in and entering into the organization.This essay will start by looking at factors influencing the demand for labour. It must also be mentioned that management cannot control all but only some factors influencing the demand for labour.In the first place, one of the factors influencing the demand for labour is the objectives of the organization and its future plans (Attwood:1996:12). For instance, if organization's future plans are to expand in the next couple of years, this can determine the number and type of human resources it will need at that particular time. This can be controlled by management because it is the one that determine the future plans, of course, in consultation with other employees and can be able to know this future demand through managerial judgement for example.According to Attwood (1996:12), another factor that can influence the demand for labour is the level of stock in the organization. Management again can control this factor. For example, during harvesting period, ADMARC, usually employ seasonal workers because their stock levels go up as farmers sell their produce in these markets. This means that management can project how many employees will be needed in purchasing, in the warehouse e.t.c at that particular period in order to meet this rise in the level of stock.Again, demand for labour can also be influenced by productivity per employee. If output per employee is high or if the employees are more productive, it translates to less demand for labour than if the productivity per employee is below standard. Management can also control this factor through mechanisms like motivation and enhancing health relationships between employees of the organization so as to improve output productivity per employee.The degree to which a number of parts can be bought in so as to make a whole can also affect the demand for labour. For example, those companies which only buy bicycle parts and assemble them to make a whole. If there are many parts to be bought in...

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