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The transition from traditional mobile devices to the smart phone has been a gradual process. Before the onset of the smart phone era, the feature phone preceded the basic mobile handset. Feature phone are similar to smart phones only that they lack some of the features that are exclusive to smart phone. One of the most exclusive feature common to all smart phone is the support of cryptic platforms that acts as the operating system of the mobile devices such as Android engine, iOS and Windows mobile, this is absent in feature phones (Difference Between.info, 2014). At the end of 2011, the number of smart phones owned in the USA was expected to top that of traditional mobile phones (Kwoh, 2011). According to a survey by Nielsen in 2011, increase in smart phone purchase increase by 29% and 45 % of respondents in the survey indicated that their next device would be a Smartphone (Entner, 2010). More recently in 2013, according to Gartner, in the third quarter of 2013, smart phones account for 55% of all the phone sales worldwide. Furthermore, a decline in the sales of feature phones is because of presence of low priced smart phones that are near the average-selling price of the feature phone, prompting the consumers to opt to purchase the smart phones instead (Meulen & Rivera, 2013).
Arguably, the most important feature in a Smartphone today is the internet accessibility. Roughly, all smart phones must have capability to access the web. However, they access the web at different speeds. High- speed data processing is increasingly gaining popularity and since slow internet, connectivity is irritating and time consuming. The ability to access the internet at super speed is because of powerful silicon processors that are placed in the motherboard of these devices. For instance, the iPhone 5S uses powerful quad core and a laptop-esque 64-bit microchip hardware making it a robust device that surfs the internet at...

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