Internet Addiction Essay

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Internet Addiction

Since its initial arrival in the average household, the Internet has
become a very widely exercised source of communication. At any given
moment, there is an endless amount of information streaming through
Internet accessible computers. The chance to interact with other
people is another tempting feature of the Internet. Unfortunately,
with this new commodity, also comes the possibility of abuse and

Internet addiction has become an exceedingly negative power in today's
culture. What causes Internet Addiction? Several different causes
could be to blame, but one of the most widely believed theories is
that of a personality disorder. In the essay entitled "Internet
Addiction", Carol Potera says that the,"lone, bored, depress,
introverted, lacking self-esteem, or have a history of addictions,"
are most the most susceptible to this disorder. The people that fall
into this category seem to be the most prone to all mental disorders.
Some say that these people feel the need to find an escape from their
lack of actual relationships, so they see the Internet as a very
attractive escape from this harsh reality, somewhat like the reason an
individual would turn to drug addiction. Seeing has how this disorder
has arisen relatively recently, it hasn't been studied a great deal.

Potera introduces many of these details in her essay. She points out
that addiction to the Internet is an ever-growing concern throughout
the entire world. In several instances, she uses actual cases of
Internet addiction to support her argument. Her argument consists of
more fact than her own opinion. She is basing most of her claims on
studies that have been conducted on the causes of Internet addiction
and abuse and how it affects the lives of everyday people. Potera's
essay is mostly informative, where she is explaining the causes and
effects of this particular disorder. She also presents different
solutions to this problem from several different expert sources
studying this field. There are several occasions where a comparison
between alcoholics or gamblers and those "addicted" to the Internet is
being established. The essay is very effective because is establishes
the causes, effects, and even some solutions to the problems with
pathological Internet use.

Potera makes a very sound case by using all the professional sources,
which made it easy for me to comprehend....

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