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Web Addiction In Teenagers Essay

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Children remain in front of the computer for eighteen hours a day, neglecting work or school commitments and also interpersonal relationships, often ending up close in a progressive isolation that creates deep suffering, favors' expression of latent diseases and exhibits psychopathological behaviors of deviance. And 'the synthetic profile of people with "psychological dependence on the Internet": a growing reality - but many still unknown - which now affects approximately three million people, with an incidence varying between 3 and 11%, a prevalence in the age group between 15 and 40 years and a strong concentration among the very young. And 'one of the so-called "new addictions", the ...view middle of the document...

They, in general, are turning to the web to search for information about companies, products and services, to find a way, listening to music, do banking, make purchases, call and watch a movie.But also to look for work, book a trip or a table in the restaurant and to attend practices with offices. Activities that until recently required times and movements today mostly cleared. And today it is used more and more internet also to inquire: in the age group between 14-29 years, if you need to acquire information 71% do so on Facebook, 65.2% use search engines and 52, 7% search on YouTube. 44.6% of those under 30 say they have lost familiarity with the media in the press, and if the TV is still the most common means of communication (looks at 97.4% of Italians), growing users of the Web and TV Mobile TV, which allow you to emancipate itself from the traditional schedules and a pre-packaged programming to build a lineup of programs and personalized content: between 49.4% under the age of 30 following web TV and 8, 3% of mobile TV. Finally, the report also highlights the role of the internet as a driver of economic development: a growing number of companies that arrives in network with its own website to publicize and sell their products and services, and interact with users-consumers. Changes you do not stop, however, the quantity and quality of use of the web and new technologies, but invest the methods of interaction and communication between individuals, and have a significant impact on cognitive development of those have never experienced a world without computers The so-called "digital natives." They are just their most vulnerable at risk of developing a psychological addiction to the internet. He explains the psychiatrist Frederick Tonioni, a researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, medical director at the Day Hospital for Psychiatry and Addiction at the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome, where he is also coordinator of the first clinic devoted to " Internet Addiction Disorders ". "Digital natives - Tonioni said in an interview available on the network - are structurally different from those that we call" digital immigrants, "or people who" knew "before the computer. The natives were born and raised in a world with different space-time variables: we realized that the digital time is a time more intense than what we have experienced, more comparable to a bunk bed with a double bed , where the events overlap, think about the multitasking. " An overlay that sees operate simultaneously on websites, emails, advertising and video, in a manner of hyper-stimulation. Everything - continues Dr. Tonioni - has accelerated expectations, indeed has zero online because there is nothing more frustrating than waiting. " But this, in general, "he also undermined our ability to wait, that from a purely evolutionary point of view is always an achievement. No baby is able to wait for a feed that much, and no...

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