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The Future of Advertising on the Internet Introduction If it were not for the Internet, I would not be working in one of the leading IT companies in the nation; you see, I am an Internet Webmaster. I have been in my position for over four years, and have seen the development of advertising on that media up to this point; into three major areas. The future of the medium is even more concerning. In under twenty years, the broadband technologies will carry the Internet from a land of banner ads as present in the early nineties, into an advertising world full of rich streaming video dynamically delivered to the consumer on demand, with much more in-depth co-information bundled in for the consumer's use.The History of the Internet In the infant years of the Internet, before the World Wide Web (WWW), the global network consisted of hundreds of bulletin board systems (BBS) scattered throughout the country. These systems were mostly set up for either military use or for hobbyists. No advertising was present unless it pertained to the BBS group itself, and was uploaded by a member. Funding for these groups was primarily raised from the members in the form or either donations of money or hardware to keep the system going, or as a membership fee.As 1991 passed, the greatest development concerning the Internet, the WWW, was created. This system, developed by CERN, was intended to be a way for many users to access a given computer (server), at the same time with no bearing on proximity. This development, along with that of the WWW Browser (Netscape and Internet Explorer) did more for the future of advertising on the Internet than could possibly be imagined.Three Types of Internet Advertising The new interface instantly became popularized by the media. Commercialism of the Internet was in full swing from 1992-1996. Thousands of new servers were added (there were only 600 in 1991). Businesses began what was the first wave of Internet advertising: a website. Some examples of these sites are,, and (a personal favorite). These sites are a more upbeat version of what was around in the early nineties, but the general concept is there. The only problem with this ideology is that users of this site are selective, and the must go to the effort of typing in the desired address into their browser in order to be advertised to. Nonetheless, companies continued with this trend, posting on their television and print commercials, as it still goes on today.With the advent of a new site,, offering the layperson the opportunity to post their own "personal homepage", a new form of Internet advertising was born. The idea was based on a condition in the user agreement with which all members of the Geocities community agreed. Geocities placed a banner at the top and/or bottom of every page that was displayed off of their server. This way, Geocities got free advertising each time somebody was served a page...

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