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Web Applications: Otrs User Friendly Interfaces For Customers And Agents

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A trouble ticket system is a software system which works on multi-channel customer requests centralised management. It can help streamline work flow processes, track and solve requests more effectively and improve customer satisfaction. Ticket is this case is as same as medical report which records trouble description, process and result. Finally, it is archived after it closes

Open-source Ticket Request System (OTRS), is a free, open-source and AGPL licensed software packages. OTRS is separated into several components. From functional prespective, the main component is OTRS framework which includes ...view middle of the document...

When system receives a mail, mail will be filtered and preprocessed by pre-defined rights. For example, email contains ticket number will directly link to specified ticket. PGP and S/MIME standards are accepted to key/certificate management and email processing. Ticket could be responded based on pre-defined queue templates. Agents receive notification when ticket created, updated and whenever state change happened which improved follow-up of the ticket. In addition, agent could define customized follow-ups rule based on call, ticket or request. Ticket number is generated by system. Generation rule is modifiable.

OTRS saves external and internal communication information in tickets. Ticket is classified at least by queues. There are service ways to observe existing ticket based on tickets attributes. Ticket history is different from communication record, which indicates admin operation of ticket (system change, agent operation, etc.). Ticket could be operated by replying, forwarding, updating attributes and so on. OTRS supports to modifying service once when selected. Tickets are watched by system based on pending and SLA functions. SLA limits fist responsible time, update time and solution time in order to ensuing customer satisfaction. Pending likes to set an alarm to agent that ticket...

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