Web Assignment

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Fahim Shahzad (Lecturer)

Web Engineering

 The growth of the Internet and the World Wide
Web has already had a significant impact.
 Many legacy information and database systems
are being migrated to the Internet and the Web
 Electronic commerce through the Internet is
rapidly growing, cutting across national
 A wide range of new, complex distributed
applications is emerging in the Web

 However, in most cases, the development
approach used for Web-based systems has
been unplanned.
 Overall, Web-based system development lacks
accuracy, a systematic approach, and quality
control and assurance.
 There is now a growing concern about the
manner in which they are created and their
long-term quality and integrity.

Web Crisis????  In the absence of disciplined process, we may
face serious problems in their successful
development, deployment, operation and
 Poorly developed Web-based applications that
are mushrooming now have a high probability of
 As Web-based systems grow more complex, a
failure in one can and will propagate broad-
based problems across many.
 When this happens, confidence in the Web may
be shaken irreparably, causing a Web crisis

Problems???  Web-based systems development is a process.
 It is more than media manipulation and presentation
 It includes analysis of needs, design, management,
metrics, maintenance, etc.
 Many attributes of quality Web-based Systems such
as ease of navigation, accessibility, scalability,
maintainability, usability, security and reliability are
not given due consideration during development.
 Many developers seem to be unaware of the real
issues and challenges facing major Web-based
application development and its continual

Solution  In order to avoid a possible Web crisis, there is a
pressing need for disciplined approaches and
new methods and tools for development,
deployment and evaluation of Web-based
 Importantly, such approaches and techniques
must take into account:
1. The unique features of the new medium.
2. The operational environments.
3. Scenarios and multiplicity of user profiles.
4. Skills and knowledge of the people building
Web-based systems.

Web Engineering Web Engineering is concerned with:
 Establishment and use of sound scientific,
engineering and management principles
 Disciplined and systematic approaches to the
successful development, deployment and
maintenance of high quality Web-based systems
and applications.
 It incorporates some of the well-known and
successful traditional and software
'engineering' principles and practices.
 It also takes into consideration other elements
that are specific to the Web environment.

Web Engineering
"Web engineering is...

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