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Web Based Ums For The City Of Windsor, Ontario

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Using the system design discussed in section 4, two major demands of this web-based UMS for the City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada are satisfied. One is to publish urban data in City of Windsor via the internet to make the public to access them as the classic web-based UMS does. The other one is to enable authorized users, e.g. administrators, to access more advanced operations, such as to manage GIS data via the internet without installation of any other GIS software. In this web-based UMS, PostgreSQL and GeoServer are used to construct vector data web service provider, SQL Server 2008, ArcSDE and GeoServer are used to construct aerial photo web service provider, and Apache Tomcat is employed as the web Server. Javascripts and JAVA are the primary programming languages respectively for the client side and the server side developments. The application is running on a Server computer with Intel(R) Xeon(TM) CPU 3.40GHz and 3.50 GB of RAM. The operation system is Windows 2003 standard X86. The interface is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6. Application interface
5.1Functionalities for the Public
In order to facilitate the public access and manipulation of urban data in the City of Windsor online, basic web-based functionalities are provided to the public. An interface for retrieving and displaying urban map, a navigation tool to browse map, an identification tool, a print tool, and a search tool are implemented.
In the interface, a layer tree is used to list all the available data layers and to manage their display. There are two sets of data in the layer tree. One set is GIS vector data including schools, churches, street network, drainage system, cemetery area, area of natural of scientific interests, wetland, lakes, streams, environmental data, property status, and parcels. The other set is...

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