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Web Designers/Developers Past, Present, And Future

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This paper will be discussing the past, present, and future of web designers and developers. First by looking at the brief history of websites and how it has evolved to what is it today. Second will be discussing the present trends of how people are viewing websites on mobile devices such as: cell phones and tablets, and how that affects the design and development of websites. Lastly we’ll discuss the possible expectations the future has in store for us, devices like Google glass and other advancements to come.
Website would of course not exist without the invention of the internet, which came out in the 1960s. It was first only allowed to be used by the government so they could efficiently transfer data from one computer to another. It is said that the first website was made sometime in August of 1981. (Arandilla, 2011) The first free web browser program for public use was released in the 1990s and was called Mosaic. HTML is split up into five generations, HTML being the first version and HTML5 being the latest version out. HTML coding was first introduced in the early 1990s, but it didn’t give web developers a lot of room to be creative since they were limited by how slow the internet was when it first came out, also because it was brand new and so only basic coding was in HTML. When web developers began to start making their own coding to help them become more free and creative, so in order to have a universal HTML coding the next version came out being HTML 2. Now the internet is faster and more coding mean more control and creativity web designers can be. In 1995 HTML 3 was released and many new additions came out as well. Microsoft released Internet Explorer and designers can now input animated images called “.gif” in their websites, also flash was introduced. Today’s websites use HTML 4 and 5. HTML 4 allows web designs to code more intricately thanks to the added use of JavaScript, XML, and CSS. HTML 5 is the most used today, this revision of HTML helped by solving most problems and syntax errors that were appearing in HTML 4.
Next is the present trends that are affecting web developers in creating websites. In the decade mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets have risen in usage for visiting websites. Since 2010 there as been a 400% growth in mobile web searches. (ETC, 2013) Unfortunately websites are very hard for the user to view and navigate through websites not designed for a small screen used on cell phones. This was the new challenge for web designers to solve and with the growth of popularity of mobile usage the web designers needed to make websites for both personal computers and mobile devices. Now often if the user visit a website using a mobile device they will be asked if they want to go to the “mobile site” which are specifically designed for a better user interface and design for the mobile device. With the smaller screens of mobile devices the we designers needed to layout the website completely differently so...

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