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Web Filters Are Not The Solution

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Web Filters are Not the Solution

The scene is perfectly clear in my mind. Twelve years old and just home
from an overnight stay with a friend, I walked in the door with a Sex
Pistols patch on my backpack, a clip-on earring in my ear, and a cherry
Kool-Aid dye job. The initial looks of shock and horror on the faces of
my parents were priceless - that is until they opened their mouths. I
was grounded for a month, forbidden to stay overnight at any friends
house for the rest of the year, and told that any music I bought would
have to be screened by my parents first. In the age of the Apple IIe
and long before MP3s ever existed, my parents knew - or at least
believed - that such a policy would give them control over what music I
heard. They were wrong. Adolescents, by nature, are resourceful and
cunning, and I was no exception. Within days, I had arranged an
elaborate system of shadow purchases and smuggling to ensure that the
punk rock well from which I had started drinking would never run dry.

To be certain, todays determined parent would have a much easier time
thwarting the natural curiosity of their young sons and daughters. With
life increasingly revolving around the Web, especially for the younger
generations, Mom and Dad need no longer search school bags or rooms to
prevent the introduction of harmful influences into little Johnny or
Janes impressionable mind. All that's required to safeguard the kiddies
is software. A wee bit of defensive information warfare, conducted by
parents employing web filters such as Net Nanny or AOLs parental
controls, is more than enough to keep something negative, like punk rock
music, away from children.

Right? Wrong. Just as my parents efforts to screen my music purchases
came to naught and, because of their stubborn refusal to accept my
musical taste, launched me into a long period of...

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