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Web Hosting And Domain Name System

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Micro Widgets, Incorporated, having recently completed the upgrade process from Microsoft Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and the implementation of a patch management solution, wants to extend the capabilities of their Microsoft Windows Server 2012 environment. Currently, lives on a third party hosted server. While this was the proper solution while company was in its infancy, it no longer fits within the organizational plan. This proposal will address the process for hosting on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 server internally. The proposal will also address securing the web server and website. This proposal will also address name resolution for the corporate offices and the ten remote locations.
Hosted Website
Because lives in a hosted environment, the corporate website frequently appears offline to our customers and employees alike. Server resources within the shared environment are not always available for the website but for other websites living within the shared environment. Making the move to bring the website home and host it on a Server 2012 server, Micro Widgets, Incorporated can take advantage of the fact that “Windows Server 2012 offers a high-density, highly scalable environment that can be modified to perform at the optimum level based on the needs of the business” (Secura, 2013). Once moved, will live in an environment where server resources will exist solely to support
Self Hosted Website
In order to move into the Micro Widgets, Incorporated environment, a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 server that meets the requirements for hosting a website needs implementation within the environment. After installing Server 2012 and installing all necessary security patches to ensure the security of the server, the server needs to have the Internet Information Server (IIS) Web Server role installed. Once installed, the Web Server role needs configuration to “add a website to IIS by using the IIS Manager” (Microsoft, 2012). With an active website configured within the role, the website needs content. At this point the existing website, or a newly updated site, and all of its content needs to move into the directory configured to host the website in the IIS Manager. Once the directories have the content, IIS needs proper configuration to allow visitors to connect to the website. The final step in the process is to configure the default document in IIS. Whether a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) or Active Server Page Extended (ASPX) file, IIS needs to know which of these documents will answer requests to server With a properly configured server ready to go, securing it becomes the priority.
Securing the Server
Security of the web server and its data is a subject administrators need not take lightly. Taking several basic steps will help to ensure the security of the server and its data. First, as a part of the server build out...

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