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Web Mastery And E Commerce Essay

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Web mastery and E-CommerceWhat are the primary job responsibilities of a Webmaster?A Webmaster creates and maintains a website for an company or organization. The primary responsibility of a Webmaster is to assure one hundred percent functionality of a website at all times. If an Webmaster's site goes down it is his/her responsibility to restore its functionality a.s.a.p. If the website needs vital functionality or design changes it is the responsibility of the Webmaster to implement them in a timely manner.In what areas is the average Webmaster competent?Webmasters need several core skills to be successful.-WritingMost sites require someone to create the mission statement, write copy for products, articles, newsletters, and respond to customer inquiries. A good Webmaster is articulate and well spoken.-Graphic DesigningA good site works well; a great site works and looks fantastic! In order to be a successful Webmaster you must have a good eye for design and color-scheme.-Web DevelopingA great Webmaster can take someone's ideas and change them into code. The most important aspect of a web page is its functionality, "Does it work?" as a Webmaster, its your job to make sure it does.Are there Webmaster training centers?Yes most colleges offer Web mastery training. Many vocational schools also offer it.What kinds of degrees are there?CWP CERTIFICATION LEVELSThere are three levels of IWA Webmaster Certification (CWP -Certified Web Professional): CWP Associate, CWP Specialist, and Master CWP Certification Tracks.CWP Associate CertificationCWP Specialist Certification Tracks:·CWP Site Designer·CWP Server Administrator·CWP E-Commerce Specialist·CWP Internetworking Specialist·CWP Enterprise Developer·CWP Security Specialist·CWP...

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