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As a longtime Internet advocate, I'm excited to finally have the opportunity to do a paper that involves this vast and seemingly boundless electronic world. The internet has made it easy for the world to scan effortlessly through millions of pages of information, some of which is useful, some of which simply takes up space; the problem that many researchers and interest groups face is making sense of the whole thing. What effects does the Internet have on people? The question is no doubt an immense one. In this paper I will attempt to explore the effects that the Internet has had on one major aspect of our everyday lives, the news, and how it compares to the traditional medium we find on our local newsstands. Because of the prevalence of the Internet in today's society many thousands of papers now publish an on-line edition. It is through the use of this medium that they wish to build roads in the communications market. It is seen as a necessary step by many because of the loss of readership due to the Internet, broadcast journalism and radio. While keeping the focus of the discussion on 'technological' news, I will comment on some of the aspects these papers employ. I will also discuss the tools many of the papers are using, that not only make them a hybrid of broadcast, radio and print journalism but also establish them as the only medium that is using interactive reporting. The common forms of media we find today each have advantages and disadvantages; the Internet is no different. It has been around for an almost equal amount of time, but only recently has it become a popular way of retrieving the news. The Internet takes the best of all other medium and combines them into a very unique form. I believe this combination of paper publishing, TV, radio, telephones, and mail has drastically changed the ideals of what society considers not only being 'news worthy', but what forms and supports a high-quality news report.In order to justify my arguments and provide a clear explanation of "which of the media provide the best coverage of a specific issue", a clear definition of 'coverage' must be attained. The official definition from a dictionary is; the extent or degree to which something is observed, analyzed, and reported. Anything can be observed, analyzed, and written down on a piece of paper, but what we define as 'good' coverage goes far beyond a dictionary definition. When I think of sizing up good and bad news stories, I ask myself three questions; how detailed and accurate was the coverage, did the story answer all of my questions, and do I feel well informed about all the information in the story.Detail and accuracy are obviously the first criteria that come to mind when judging the coverage of a news story. Every detail, answering every possible question, who, what, when, where, why and how is obviously top priority. A story missing critical details is certainly not news worthy; but even stories which leave out small pieces of...

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