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Web Of Desires Essay

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Sexuality, in the United States alone, has been become socially acceptable. It is not uncommon to see sexual innuendos in advertising, sexual acts or remarks on televisions or movies. It has become more and more prevalent in our society. It is no wonder that sexual addiction, specifically internet pornography, is a rapidly growing concern. Internet pornography is a multibillion dollar industry that is continuously growing. With the introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web, internet pornography addiction has sky rocketed. It has been inaccurately believed that only men were addicted to internet pornography; however this is not the case. Women, men, Christians, atheists, ...view middle of the document...

They have varied in how they have been described and varied by culture. The same can be said about pornography. Over the years pornography has evolved and changed (Garlick, 2010). It has evolved from merely being female narrators to displaying of women’s bodies for the purpose of sexually arousing men (Garlick, 2010).
In the nineteen seventies pornography was typically distributed through magazines and sex shops. Pornography now can be found on the internet, cell phones, DVDs, newsstands, sex shops and magazines. The amount of web pages devoted to pornographic images has soared as well as the content available (D’orlando, 2011). With the growth of technology has come amateur pornography in addition the material that has been produced by professionals. The trend of internet pornography has also moved from a “softer” type of pornography to a “harder” type with the escalation of use (D’orlando, 2011).
The invention of the World Wide Web in the nineteen eighties has been greatly beneficial yet has opened up a whole new realm that I am not sure that people could have ever imagined. As with most things, the internet can be used constructively and destructively. The internet has created a new freedom for people to explore human sexuality, and unfortunately some people start down a path they would not have ever chosen if it were not for the internet (Carnes, 2001).
Since the nineteen nineties the idea of sexual addiction and internet addiction has exploded (Voros, 2009). Traces of sexual addiction can be found in the nineteen seventies with the start of the group, Alcoholics Anonymous (Voros, 2009). It is typically thought that only men are influenced by internet pornography; however that is not the case. Approximately forty million Americans visit pornographic websites; twenty percent of men visit pornographic websites and thirteen percent of women while at work (White & Kimball, 2009).
The Problem
Pornography can be difficult to define because there is some subjectivity involved. People have different views of what they consider pornographic. Pornography is thought to be writing about or displaying nudity or sexual activity that excites sexual feelings and can promote unhealthy, immoral or sinful sexual behaviors (Laaser, 2004). Pornography itself takes on various forms such as videos, phone calls, bookstores and magazines. Pornography in all of its forms is considered a building block behavior of sexual addiction. It takes fantasy to the next level by stimulating lust (Laaser, 2004).
The pornography industry is a billion dollar a year industry that has continued to grow over the years (White & Kimball, 2009). The use of a computer to view pornographic images gives the user a sense of security, and there is an ease of being able to view these images from the comfort of their home, from work or even a local café with internet accessibility. Studies have found that approximately two thirds of all Christian men have visited internet...

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