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Website design is done by the web designer. The ultimate aim should be to bring forth a website which is attractive, has an optimum load time and more importantly, it should be user-friendly. It is important that the website should not be cluttered with content or difficult to navigate, or be of a completely bare design. Therefore, a professional designer should bring in balance between all this. The website should be well laid out, easy to navigate and should be fast loading. Also, it should be compliant with the web standards, compatible with all the browsers and easily accessible.
The most standard template used for website design is the Dreamweaver template. This template helps you to focus on your content. They also provide a consistent layout and a clean navigation. If your website has too many links, ensure that you should use the drop-down menus for the various sections. Dreamweaver has macromedia drop-down menus, which can be used effectively. Fireworks is another product which a website designer needs to have knowledge of. Fireworks has certain features like the rollover buttons and images. In this, when a mouse is rolled over the button or the image, it changes itself and returns to its original image when it is rolled out of it. Similarly, there is the rollover swap images feature. In this, when the mouse is rolled over the button or image, the display of it is changed to another graphic image and returns to its original when mouse is rolled out of it. Such features make the site more eye-catching.

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