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Web Project Definition Essay

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Have you ever experienced that you were stuck and lost in the middle of writing an essay because you did not do a good job on researching, brain storming the topic, and creating outline before you started? I have, and I ended up realizing that I do not know what I am talking about. Of course I got a bad grade on that essay.
Starting your project without a project definition would be the same. What is the odd that you make the perfect website without understanding basic details of your project? Every client has different needs, requests, goals, and restrictions. Every website project has different characters, purposes, technical conditions, and concepts. Knowing this information will guide you the way while you are running your project. Without project definition, you will end up questioning yourself ‘what am I doing here?’
Because you want to start the fun parts; designing and building the website, and coming up with brilliant solutions, you might just skip the project definition part. And then, you might face these problems.
First, you may come up with all the cool ideas and designs. But when you put all together, it would not make sense because you were focused on how fascinating your design is, or how smart your solutions are. It means you only see the trees but don’t see the forest.(1) Project definition will let you see the ‘big picture’ of the project before you start. Understanding your project definition is a compass for your project. It shows you the ultimate direction that you need to go with the project. If you do not know your project definition, you will be lost in the journey of your web project.
Second, you might not be able to complete your project. Because you did not know how much money you could use for the project, you might encounter the shortage of money for your team members’ paycheck, purchasing graphic resources, establishing web servers. Because you did not have a timeline and plan for each process of the project, your site might not be able to ‘go live’ on time. Because you did not understand what’s target audience and concept that your client wants, you might come up with wrong approach and theme that your client would reject. Because you did not have a project definition, you probably miss all this information, and it will lead your project to fail.
If you go though a process for your project definition, you will have a strong foundation of your work. When you conduct a survey with your client, you will need to ask these...

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