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Internet Provides New Ways To Communicate

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Internet Provides New Ways to Communicate

Through the centuries, technology has changed communication. In the 19th century people communicated through mail by the use of the pony express and through the electrical speech machine, known today as the telephone. In the 20th century into the beginning of the 21st century the new technology of computers has become widely available to people around the world. With computers, the internet has changed the way people communicate today. Postal mail and telephones are still used, but advancing technology currently provides communication through instant messaging, e-mail, and webcams.

Instant messaging is a form of communicating through sending instant texts and receiving instant texts. Every person has a “screen name;” a chosen name that identifies an individual and allows others to know if they are online. A screen name is like a phone number; it is a way to instantly connect with someone. All the screen names a person has stored are visible on a buddy list. A buddy list is a window that lists everyone on a person’s list that is online and everyone on a person’s list that is offline. If a person is online the person is able to talk. With a double click on a screen name a text window will pop up for communication with that particular person. The smaller text box of the window is where a person types what they want to say. With the push of the enter key the message is instantly sent to the particular person. Then the receiver can type their response in the little text box and send a message back instantly. The bigger text area of the box shows the conversation of what has been sent and received. This form of communication is a lot like a phone, allowing people to communicate directly to one another.

Instant messaging is a newer technology that continues to advance America’s fast pace society. It is an easier and faster form of communicating, especially for businesses. Instant messaging is very beneficial to customer service. For companies that sell support software, Instant Messaging is an easier method to answer technical support questions. The ability to save conversations is valued greatly in businesses. With Instant Messaging, important messages can be saved and referred to for later use. People can refer back to find references and referral sources given by other people and companies. A perfect example of a company using Instant Messaging is Federal Express. They created a custom IM application used between departments. Instant Messaging makes for instant communication. It allows a person to know if another person is at their computer and they are then able to have a real time conversation. Instant Messaging results in less voice mails and e-mails and gives more direct contact with someone. If a person is at their computer or on the phone a person can leave a message over IM to interrupt all else and get a person’s direct attention. With Instant Messaging...

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