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Google was the first search engine that I employeed. The initial search terms I used were "leadership and theory and research." The search terms were broader terms than I used the last assignment and was a suggested option by my mentor. This search yeilded 2,110,000 hits. This is obviously an enourmous amount of hits to review. However, since the first page of this search offered the link "Scholarly articles for learship and theory and research," limited the need to evaluate the validity of the sources from this link and therefore, appeared to be a good start.
The "Scholary articles" link yielded 1,420,000 hits. Browsing the first page of titles and annotations of the hits several pertinent options were apparent. However, when clicking on the first link and several links after that, revealed an abstract but to access the article a fee was involved to view the article. The request for payment led to a deeper process of locating the article within Northcentral University's Library database. However, the option was time consuming and decided to post-pone that research endeavor until the Google search options were exhausted.
Noticing large font links over to the right side, from the same search as above, a few sources links indicated an available PDF file. This was the case, and after a quick review of the files title, opening paragraph and conclusion I saved it to my desktop for future research. I began to consider how to import this file to Refworks to continue to build upon the references accumulated during this class. This led another search option: "scholar preferances." I was able to define the "Bibliography Manager" by setting up the preference to Refworks and save for future use. I then utilized the "Advanced Scholar Search." I found this option not to be a very useful even when limiting the "Collections to "Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities." This searched dropped the hits to 1,040,000. However, while in the advanced search "Find Articles" and added "social identity" under the "with the exact phrase," the hits dropped to 21,000. The first three articles were valuable options (quickly noted because the authors of theses articles are very familiar with many other serached) with available PDF files that I imported directly to Refworks.
There were many wonderful ideas to search while in Google: I searched by books and saved to "My Library" for future review. The "Wonder Wheel" was an excellent option under the Google "Everything." Entering that same search words as the original search it produced a wheel of linked subtopics relating to the subject pertinenet to the research. I was able to drill into each topic to produced articles deemed valauable and pertinent by a quick scan of the authors, title and annotations.
The "Time Line" feature was interesting particularly when using the key serach tearms of "leaderhsip and theory and research" because the evolution of the theories was clearly visible to ascertain...

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