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Web Services Return On Investment: Working Out What You're Getting Out Of Web Services In This Article, The Authors Have Tried To Keep A Realistic, Pragmatic, And Balanced Approach

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Web Services Return on Investment:Working out what you're getting out of Web ServicesIn this article, the authors have tried to keep a realistic, pragmatic, and balanced approach in determining the return on investment on Web Services. It is worth mentioning that, no matter how promising a new technology is, promoting and encouraging its usage through such articles and papers is not justified until there is a solid business case for its adoption (Samtani and Sadhwani 1). It is fundamentally important for the authors to warn about the pitfalls as and where they foresee them, leaving the final decision up to the us readers who range from senior management (technical and business), through business analysts, and systems architects, to project managers, to business students, and software developers (Samtani and Sadhwani 1). I will concentrate mostly on the Return on Investment (ROI) section of their article.Defining Return on Investment (ROI) (Samtani and Sadhwani 6)Return on investment (ROI) is a key financial metric of the value of business investments and expenditures. It is a ratio of net benefits over costs expressed as a percentage. This formula can be expressed as:ROI = [(Monetary Benefits (Tangible and Intangible) - Cost of using Web Services Technology) / Cost of using Web Services Technology] x 100ROI AnalysisThere are two fundamental methodologies through which companies can conduct ROI analysis of a new technology such as Web Services. They are discounted cash flow analysis and payback period analysis. Below are some of the fundamental concepts behind them (Samtani and Sadhwani 7).Direct and Indirect MeasuresBoth the direct, cash flow-generating contributions of a new technology or project, as well as the indirect measures valued by management should be considered when calculating the ROI.Discount Rate or Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)The discount rate, also known as the weighted average cost of capital (WACC), is the opportunity cost of capital, which is the expected rate of return that could be obtained from other projects of similar risk (Samtani and Sadhwani 8).Net Present Value (NPV)Net present value is the difference between the cost of an investment and the return on an investment measured in today's dollars. In other words, NPV calculations account for money's time value by discounting the future cash flow of the investment at some rate that varies with the risk of the investment. The NPV calculation determines the present value of the return and compares it to the initial investment (Samtani and Sadhwani 9).You calculate the net present value as follows:NPV = Initial Investment + Present ValueROI and Web ServicesA company should calculate the implementation and ongoing costs associated with Web Services including software, hardware, system integration, and future production support expenses. These cost estimates should be carefully examined to determine the ROI for the proposed solution.ROI Not Just About...

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