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Web Site Accessibility Essay

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1. What is Web Accessibility

Web accessibility means the possibility to use the web and from people with disabilities . More specifically , Web accessibility means that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with the Web , and that they can contribute in turn content on the Web . Additionally , the Web accessibility also benefits others , such as older people (older people), whose abilities change due to aging .

The Web accessibility encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the Web , such as impaired vision , hearing , speech and physical , cognitive and neurological disabilities . The document " How to use the Web for people with ...view middle of the document...

The document " Social factors in applying the principles of Web Accessibility in Your Business " xetazei how the Web affects the lives of people with disabilities , the overlap with the problems of the digital divide and Web accessibility as an aspect of corporate social responsibility.

Another important point that should be considered by organizations is that Web accessibility in some cases required by legislation and policies . The " Resources for the WAI policies on Web accessibility " provides links to resources relating to factors related legislation and policies within organizations and includes a list of relevant laws and policies that apply in countries around the world

2.1.1 Making the Web Accessible

On the issue of accessibility of the Web, interest has largely focused on the responsibilities of the responsible development of the Web . However , a vital role in Web accessibility has the software Web (Web software). The software should help developers to produce and evaluate accessible websites and can be used by people with disabilities .

One of the roles of the Initiative Web Accessibility (WAI) is to develops guidelines and techniques (guidelines and techniques), which describe accessibility solutions for software development and content of software engineers . These WAI guidelines are considered the international standard for Web accessibility .

The ' Basics of Web Accessibility "(Essential Components of Web Accessibility) describes the various roles of Web Accessibility and how specific improvements could significantly promote this accessibility.

2.1.2 Training and technical support

The web designers are afraid sometimes that creating accessible web sites is more expensive and time consuming than the creation inaccessible . This fear is largely unjustified. The benefits of providing access to a larger percentage of the population almost always exceed in importance the time required by a knowledgeable developer to implement that Accessibility .

A web designer can learn the basics of web accessibility in a few days , even if, like any technical skill, it often takes months for a full understanding of the thinking and techniques. Online- sources such as E-Mail list discussion , the Forum , the monthly Newsletter and the accessibility guide -CD of WebAIM provide relevant resources for administrators , Webmaster and web designers . There are many experts who can help your organization ensure high accessibility . The very WebAIM offers Online- training , advice and technical assistance, accessible Design and other services .

2.1.3 What is meant by ‘web site accessibility

The accessibility of the internet means that disabled people can use the internet . In particular , access to the internet means that people with disabilities can perceive , understand , navigate , and interact on the Internet and can participate in it . The ability to access the Internet and also benefits others,...

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