Web Page Analysis

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Web Page Analysis

While browsing the enormous variety of sites and home pages on the World Wide Web, it is difficult to compare and contrast items that do not have anything in common. How can we say the "Wall Street Journal page" is better than "Joe's Page of Craziness?" Therefore the first step in critiquing web pages is by determining their purpose. The goal of a web page can vary from presenting factual information such as the "CIA Page," or displaying one's own computer generated art. Hence, the only way to judge a page is by examining what it tries to accomplish, and how it achieves its goal.

Once the objective of the page is established, three simple criteria can be used to determine its "net worth" (pun not intended...hehehe). First of all, one must ask "Does it complete its goal?" Does it present the information about SPAM accurately, or does it successfully present original artworks? Second, "How effective is its presentation?" This criteria can be divided into two parts first, how well written the textual parts describe the subject, and second, how the graphical parts are used to support the topic. The main areas of graphical representation would be the use of a background, the use of color to emphasize important points, and the use of images to decorate and support the main topic. A good web page should include background on the author and descriptions of the purpose. In addition, the page should be organized in a logical manner in which anyone would be able to find their information quickly and easily. Finally, one must determine how much effort and time was invested in developing the page. Obviously, a UT student's home page can not compare in complexity or size to the "Silicon Graphics page." Thus, by estimating the amount of work done per person on the project, one can equally gauge the effort and talent applied in creating the page.

After wandering randomly on the web, thanks to a site randomizer, the site titled, "Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense," caught my attention. Based on the works of Alfred Hitchcock, the page describes his biography, his movies, and other sources of related information. On the title page, Patricio Lopez lists many different links to more information about Hitchcock. One link tells of Hitchcock's life, other links describe trivial aspects of his work such as his cameos, memorable quotes, people who helped make his movies, and a guide to his films. By briefly examining each of the links, it is apparent that Lopez has thoroughly studied his films (on a casual level) and illustrates his knowledge throughout this site. In some of his other links, Lopez describes himself and his fascination with the cinema and Hitchcock. Thus, Lopez is trying to inform visitors about Hitchcock's life and work. In addition, the site successfully achieves this objective due to the detailed nature of the links and the introduction of lesser known facts, based on his intensive study.

After a more incisive...

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