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: Web Site Design And Implementation

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Assignment 1: Web site design and implementation Effective communication is at the heart of web-based development. In this assignment you are asked to design and implement a web-based resource, focusing on a particular communication problem that would be best-addressed through the medium of the Internet. You may choose any problem area for your study, the only restriction being that the material contained in your site should be acceptable in legal and ethical terms (i.e. it should not contain content of a defamitory or offensive nature, such as pornographic or racist material etc.). The submission is divided into four parts: 1. Project definition 2. Site plan 3. Implementation 4. Evaluation Parts 1,2 and 4 should be compiled into a single report, submitted with a cover sheet through the usual channels. Part 3 must be viewable on the student web server (Calcott) from the date of submission. The URL for your site should be clearly stated in the header of your report.1: Project definition This part of the submission should describe the background to the application area you have chosen, and explain the information transfer and communication problems that your web site aims to address.You should provide a profile of the target user group and explain the nature of the information to be communicated to them through your website. You should justify the need for, or advantages of, a web-based solution in this case (as opposed to alternative approaches such as, say, traditional paper-based methods) and describe (using specific examples) how the use of multimedia will help in achieving your objectives. Within this section of the report, you should also make it clear that you are aware of, and fully understand, the legal and cultural issues surrounding your choice of domain and web development in general.2: Site plan This section of the report should outline the web solution to the problems you have identified in Part 1, including: · a detailed specification of the content (text, graphics, animation, forms etc.) to be included in the site. (Note that material imported from external sources must be referenced.) · an outline of the technical resources required to achieve the solution (e.g. software and hardware required for content production or site implementation) and any special viewing requirements.· a map of the site indicating the navigational properties of the resource.In addition, you should clearly identify 3 items (1 section of text, 1 graphical component and 1 animated or interactive component) that will be given special consideration within your implementation. These will be used to assess your content creation skills and must be entirely your own work.3: Implementation The site is to be published on the student web server, Calcott ( A minimum of 5 web pages are required. There is no upper limit to the number of pages your site may contain however the total site should not exceed 15MB in...

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