Webpage Design Proposed Website To Serve As A Resource For Students Who Study Abroad

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The webpage for my beat would be an interactive page including articles, pictures and a discussion board. The pictures, interactive maps and discussion boards would feature first-hand experiences from students who have already studied abroad. The reason for publishing the experiences on the website would not only be a portal for students thinking about studying abroad, but also as an outlet for students who have returned to their home country after their time abroad.
The entire webpage will be in bright colored and an unusual font that is attractive to a younger demographic. However, it will have to be careful and not use too many bright colors, in danger of looking kitsch. The website will be simple, yet link to many other websites revolving studying abroad. Some of the website links to such travel and study abroad websites as Brethren Colleges Abroad, AustraLearn and International Education Program.
Before the feature article of the webpage, the home page will be a scatter of about eight quotes, all in different sizes and fonts. The same quotes will rotate through countless quotes written in the discussion boards. The same eight quotes will rarely be listed on the same page together. These different quotes, which will link to a country or program page, will expose students looking for guidance in their future study abroad experience to different ideas.
The feature article will be a similar article to the print article, but shorter in length to attract more readers to read the entire article. At the top of the feature article page, there will be a bulleted list of key points of the following article. To help highlight the...

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