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Website Analysis Report On Keurig

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The Keurig website is a site that mainly focuses to promote their brewer products and sell

them to consumers. They also have many different products to accompany their brewing systems

that they have to offer. This website is indeed helpful and professional since it clearly promotes

the product and allows for easy navigation. It not only lets you shop for the product but also has

a section dedicated to customer service where the audience can view videos about their products.

The navigation is fairly easy to follow and the design makes it easy to read and manipulate. In

order to prove that this website is helpful and professional I will be analyzing the design, content,

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The content is also very helpful and the writer made the words easy and clear to

understand. You can see that for the different systems each one can make different beverage

products. You can also choose between getting a system that’s made to go at home or at a

workplace. The text size is reasonable so that users can clearly read the information and the font

is also basic and easily interpreted. At the very top we have an additional menu of tabs to find

extra information not found through the main menu. Some of those tabs include customer service

and their “about” information. Under the customer service is where the videos of each brewing

system can be seen and the about allows for company information.

The primary audience that can be assumed by this website is coffee lovers or consumers.

The logo right away with a coffee cup shows what the audience is intended to be. Once you start

navigating the page it becomes clear that it was made for people who are looking to have a

brewer system that provides different flavors and types of coffee. The secondary audience that

can be considered by this website is people who can’t consume or like coffee, but still want to

enjoy a brewing system that they can use. Maybe someone is allergic to certain types of coffees,

they have high blood sugar, or they have different taste, etc. they can still purchase a brewing

system to use.

Website Analysis Report


Although this website is wonderfully put together...

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