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Web Design

Web site design is a vast and complex topic. Explaining the tools and techniques of web design would be a very laborious process for the author and the reader, and a novice would surely loose interest quickly. Understanding this, focus will be put on the comprehensive methodology of successful Web design. First off, it is important to fully understand what the World Wide Web is before dissecting the field of Web design. The World Wide Web may go down as the single greatest human invention ever. It is an extremely varied medium of communication. That is a simple way to explain the Web. The truth of the matter is that the World Wide Web is really more than a medium of communication. The Web is interactive, and unregulated! It’s spirit is akin to the Wild West of the late 1800's. Ideas and boundless information are available at the touch of a person's fingertips, from anywhere in the world. It's possible to communicate ideas, thoughts, philosophies, or whatever you want to the entire world, but all of this becomes a moot point if a persons ideas cannot be understood or easily accessed. This is why in this so called "information age" it is a necessity to make your communications through the Web creative, expressive, and by all means accessible. Web Design is a topic that can't be fully analyzed in a short amount of time. Understanding this, it is better to give an introduction to Web design. It can be broken down into four main stages. The Creative Stage, which is the stage where the maker of the site will decide the specific information that will be put on his or her Web site. Next is The Planning Stage. In this stage the owner of the site decides where to publish his site, and how to organize it.

After that is The Production Stage, This is the stage when the actual graphics will be written. The final stage in the process is the Implementing and Testing Stage; this is the step used in putting the finished web page on the World Wide Web. The Creative stage the author of the Web site should be trying to figure out who his or her target audience is. What the author wants the Web site to look like is also decided in the Creative Stage. Brainstorming is a technique highly recommended. Once an author knows exactly what they want, and whom they are trying to reach, then they are ready to plan the construction of their Web site. The Planning stage is key to getting the details of the layout of a Web site correct. Organization is very important, because even if you choose the perfect target audience to match the perfect information. If it is poorly organized it will not translate to a successful Web site. The next stage is the Production stage.

The production stage deals with the actual process of using the necessary tools to put together the Web site. This is the area which most people new to the Web become intimidated. Ironically this is not the stage that separates a high quality Web site from a low quality Web site. The first three...

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