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Website Evaluation Of Movie Rentals Essay

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Website Evaluation Table of Contents:1.Introduction2.Description3.Presentation of organization:4.Interaction:(i)Multiple languages5.Navigation:6.Functionality:(i)Product services(ii)Search catalog(iii)Price list(iv)Online orders and payments(v)Post sales activities7.ConclusionIntroduction:Movie online rental stores have become the new fad in the last few years. Movie buffs enjoy the ultimate selection and convenience by renting and buying on these e-commerce sites. These sites eliminate the need to stand for what like seemed like hours staring at the limited number movies available at your local store. And then the disappointment that it is no longer available seeks in. Wireless Internet and twenty-four seven availability is making the choices that are found through the World Wide Web the most convenient choices offered along with prices that cannot be beat. The internet has dramatically changed the traditional brick and mortar as people have become aware of the endless options available through the web. Movies greatest selection is cyberspace and consumers are relishing in the fact that the selection is remarkable, but as the convenience of shopping during flexible moments fits today's lifestyle pretty good. Movie gurus can log on at any time of day and not rush to stores before they close at the end of the day. The online movie rental stores have endless inventories and great customer perks that make it worthwhile logging in. Everyone is taking advantage of this new e-tailer environment.The movie rental store is a customer friendly era. With the online movie store, customer's sign up for a membership and pre-select movies that they will want to watch over the next month or so. Rental agreements can include one or two DVDs a week. Movies are shipped out once a viewed selection has been returned. No standing in lines; no arriving at the rental store late when all the good flicks are gone; and no high priced late fees. A wonderful movie is waiting for you at home, ready to entertain, hassle free. This form of rental entertainment has become so successful; the established and traditional movie rental programs such as blockbusters and Wal-Mart have joined the market online, as well. Increased competition can only mean good things for the movie buffs who are taking advantage of this great Internet serviceSpecial prices are available to online customers because running an Internet store is less expensive that the expense of location and manpower need in traditional video stores.I have chosen four specific online movie stores to compare and contrast their website in respect to functionality, design and usability. Netflix and Blockbusters are the main suppliers of this service. In comparing these two successful e-commerce retailers I looked at two less popular online movie stores to gain a greater insight and understanding of what drives the customers to their website. The e-commerce sites I used to contrast Netflix and Blockbusters are DVD Avenue...

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