Website Filters In Our Schools Essay

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Website Filters in our Schools
The internet is an endless network of information; however it is not without its dangers, which is why website filters should be used by schools. Many people have been arguing lately over whether or not we should use website blocking software and firewalls in our schools. The answer to this should be very obvious. When you step back and take a look at all the good that these filters do, you realize that we need them in our schools. By using these filters, we make sure our children are not exposed to inappropriate content and media, we make it easier for students to conduct research, and we make sure the internet is not distracting our kids from learning.
When students look things up on a search engine, they are assessing everything on the internet that has anything to do with what they typed into the search box. Many do not realize that they could unintentionally open an ...view middle of the document...

Instead of kids having to file through the nearly endless list of websites for credible websites, the website blockers just filter out the bad websites leaving the students free to continue with their research. Some people say that these filters make it difficult to conduct research. This argument is simply not true. There are very few instances where a student is asked to write a paper or do research on a topic that would be blocked by the filters. These website blockers leave most major websites and databases fully available. And, if the website is blocked, many times this is an obvious sign to the student that the website he or she is trying to access is not credible and not worth their time.
The last reason we need filters in our schools is because they block access to social media sites. This is not to say that social media sites are bad; in fact, these websites are good and fun entertainment. However, these websites, just like many other things, can cause more harm than good. These websites can be used for bullying and harassment, serious invasion of privacy, and many other things that could hurt our students. Some argue that these websites can also be used for educational purposes. This is a false and thin argument. It is incredibly rare that there is something of legitimate educational use that can only be accessed through these websites. These websites also distract our children from learning. How can they when they constantly have a blinking screen in their lap just begging them to see the photo their friend just posted? These websites have a place to be used, but our classrooms are not that place.
The internet can be a wonderful learning tool in the classroom, but we need to be aware of its dangers and be sure to avoid them. The easiest way to do this is to use website filters. They block our children from inappropriate content, help our students to do better work, and they remove unnecessary websites that could distract our kids from learning. Most people agree that there are dangers on the internet that could hurt our kids. But, the best and most obvious solution, to this problem is to use internet filters.

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