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Marriage And Relationships According To Christians

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Marriage and Relationships According to Christians

The principles that Christians believe should guide their personal
relationships are:

* Trust

* Tolerance

* Understanding

* Forgiveness

* Caring

* Respect

The first principle that I believe should play a large role in a
Christian’s personal relationship is trust, without trust the couple’s
relationship would crumble. The whole relationship must be based on

The second principle I think is tolerance no matter how many problems
or bad past relationships a person has had the Christian attitude is
to be nice and have patience with the other person.

Understanding is also needed in a relationship so that the two people
involved can meet the needs and problems of the other person in the

For the two people involved in the relationship, it is very important
to forgive, because everybody commit sins and you should enter into a
relationship knowing this. Although I have said this I do believe that
some sins cannot be forgiven e.g. murder or adultery.

Another principle needed in a Christian relationship is caring.
Christians need to care for each other in their relationships to
follow Jesus’ example. Jesus cared for the woman that committed
adultery. She was being stoned and Jesus said, “Let he who is without
sin cast the first stone” after this all who had stones dropped them
and went away because they all knew that they were not without sin.

The last principle that I think is needed in a Christian
relationship is respect if you show respect for your spouse then you
shall receive the same respect in return.

These are the principles I feel need to be in Christian relationship
without these principles the couples relationship would not work.

2. Explain how, in the course of their marriage, a Christian couple
would apply the beliefs you have mentioned. In your answer consider
one or more situation(s) in which Christian belief would “make a
difference”. Consider whether all Christian couples would respond in
this way.

I believe that Christian couples could apply their beliefs and make a
difference to their marriage in many ways:

The first belief that a Christian couple could apply to their marriage
that would make a difference is trust without trust the relationship
would fall apart each person in the marriage could apply trust to
their marriage by trusting their spouse not to have an affair to trust
someone they have to be honest with you e.g. if someone lied to the
other then it would be a lot harder to trust them in the future
because you would not know if they were telling you the truth.

The second belief that would make a difference in a marriage is
tolerance this is because one of the spouses could have a problem

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