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Wedding Consulting Business Plan Essay

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Executive SummaryMy business will be called Exclusive Wedding Consultant. It will be located in Brookings, South Dakota. Exclusive Wedding Consultant will be a bridal consulting business, also known as a wedding planner. The business will start out as a sole proprietorship.I will offer many different services. One of the main services I will offer is consulting. Consultations will be able to be scheduled to discuss guidance on etiquette, assistance with ceremony, reception, research or small details regarding the special day. I will also help with the venue search. I will have photos, site plans, price structures and menus from numerous banquet halls and other types of options in the area. I will help narrow down the search for reception sites by determining room capacities, location restrictions and available dates.Another service will be helping with the vendor selection. I will research and recommend experienced vendors who provide superior service and expertise. I will provide the customer with a limited number of options that are in their price range and fit their style, and then arrange for them to meet with each of the vendors. Ultimately they will always make the decisions. I will have a good working relationship with the different vendors in the area to make the process run smoothly. Florists, caterers, and tuxedo rentals will be the main types of vendors.We will also be able to help manage budgets and guest lists. Another issue many people have is dealing with the invitations and the calligraphy, we will help plan all of this to make less stress for the bride. If also needed, we can help with the maps, save the date cards, place cards, and table cards. We will be able to assist with all the details of the wedding if desired: linens, unity candles, ring bearer pillows, guest books, cake cutters, champagne flutes, wedding web site and much more. The client will be able to select what services I will perform. The number of services depend what package they want.Situation AnalysisThe states that there are over 2.4 million weddings a year in the United States with nearly $75 billion spend on weddings and receptions. The average cost of a wedding is $20,000! Exclusive Wedding Consultant is a wedding consultant business that offers a variety of services to my clients. I will pride ourselves on being professional and courteous at all times and I will have packages to suit everyone's needs.According to the official South Dakota website, South Dakota had about 6,500 weddings last year. With about 8.5 weddings per 1,000 people. Brookings county had 210 weddings in 2004. There is not a wedding consultant, that I know of, in Brookings. There are only four wedding consultants in the State of South Dakota, and only two are on the Eastern half of the state. This leaves much room for another business to start up. There are no wedding consultants in the Brookings area. Brookings is a college town and there are many people getting engaged. These...

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