Wedding Crashers Is One Of A Kind

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The 2005 film, Wedding Crashers, is hands down one of the best comedy genre movies of all time. It is a hilarious movie that follows two middle age buddies who crash wedding in order to meet girls. They pose as different people at each wedding and play their roles accordingly. If you take a look at all the components necessary for a good comedy, this film hits them all out of the park. Not every comedy film has the entire criterion needed for a great movie. Many films will hit on one or two, but somehow lack in other crucial aspects of the comedy flick. Wedding Crashers is a timeless, classic comedy that will keep you laughing from start to finish.There are several criteria required for a ...view middle of the document...

The actors who are playing the roles have to be believable. This job falls on the people behind the scene. The job of director and producer take responsibility for choosing the appropriate actors for the roles in the film. Without the right cast, it is difficult to build a good comedy.Wedding Crashers is second to none when it comes to its cast. This movie has an all star lineup of actors. The two main characters are played by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. The two actors have a stellar acting resume between themselves, especially in the comedy genre. There supporting cast is full of people that can definitely pull their weight on screen. These actors include Christopher Walken, Bradley Cooper, Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher. There are also some great actors that have smaller, yet profound roles and cameos. Jane Seymour, Will Ferrell and Dwight Yoakam play just a few of these roles.Arguably the most important criterion is the dialogue amongst the characters. This is most important to a comedy film than any other genre. The wordage and timing of the dialogue is crucial to a film. Sure there is probably going to be physical humor mixed in, but most comedy is delivered via mouth. It is not hard for individuals to be funny. For instance stand up comedians can stand in one spot and make people laugh for hours. In a film, there are usually many people all involved in the humor. This makes it necessary for the dialogue to be timed perfectly. This can also come from chemistry between actors.The dialogue in Wedding Crashers makes the movie. As if the great script and A-list cast weren’t enough, the movie also has great character interaction. Wilson and Vaughn who play the main characters are hilarious together. They have worked on a few other movies together and their chemistry carries over to this film. Their timing and comic genius is quite evident is Wedding Crashers. The supporting cast is also in tune with their star counterparts. They compliment each other very well and combine for some big laughs during the film.The support of this film by other critics is overwhelming. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone Magazine says, “Wedding Crashers fires off big, fat,...

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