Marriage, Which Means Sharing Both Happiness And Grief, Is An

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Marriage, which means sharing both happiness and grief, is an important issue in all over the world. After marriage some responsibilities occur for both men and women. In today's world, Turkish men and women generally share these responsibilities like earning money or taking care of the children; but in Nigeria women are seen as creatures that are only responsible for giving birth. There are of course some parts of Turkey that women are inferior but they gained too many rights in last decades and now they are equal with men. Some issues like polygamy, the status of women in family, inheritance and divorce show some differences in Nigeria and in Turkey which derives from lack of education in Nigeria.Polygamy is legal in northern part of Nigeria but it is not legal in Turkey. Both of the countries are Islamic, and in Islam it is legal for a man to have up to four wives. The first wife is supposed to have the greatest status but generally the youngest wife is considered as the favourite. But also the younger wives generally do the housework, cooking and etc. It is like that in Nigeria and in some small parts of Turkey. Also the ceremony before the marriage is nearly the same in these countries, which is called the introduction. According to Marriage & Family, in introduction ceremony the groom's family introduces themselves to the bride's family and asks for their permission about the marriage. The bride's and the groom's families sit in the opposite sides of the room and generally groom's father starts the speech (, p.4-8). After the introduction the engagement and the wedding ceremony take place. The ceremonies are the same in Turkey and in Nigeria because both of the countries are Muslim and these similarities in their traditions derive from their religion, Islam. But in turkey religious marriage is not accepted legally, so do polygamy, the couples can have a religious marriage after the civil marriage if they want. But in some small parts of Turkey the situation is different. There are still man who marry with more than one woman, which is not legal in Turkey. On the other hand in Nigeria, man can marry with more than one woman. For instance, during the 1974 survey, "more than 83% of a 213 selected husbands in Nigeria thought that their culture expected them to have as many wives as they can" (Ukaegbu, 1977, p.8). This shows that Nigerian man are for polygamy, it is legal as their culture and their religion also permit them to have up to four wives. So it can be said that in Nigeria and in some parts of Turkey marriage does not consist emotional facts because a man cannot love four woman at the same time. There are also credible reports that, "poor families often sell their daughters into marriage in Nigeria as a means of supplementing their incomes, many young girls are forced into marriage as soon as they reach puberty."(Women's rights- Nigeria, 1995, p.3). From this example it can be said that...

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