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Weed Essay

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Is marijuana as bad as society makes it out to be? Marijuana is the most frequently used drug in the American society; 50% of all Americans used marijuana; especially teenagers. The effects that marijuana has are not as harmful as society makes it out to be. Tobacco and alcohol has more chemicals in it then marijuana. As you read this paper you understand what the reasons are to support this idea. Why should they legalize marijuana?

In one study, marijuana has never directly killed anyone. According to to the CDC alcohol will kill you fast then marijuana. Alcohol has killed over 76,000 people in the United States every year. Legalized marijuana will reduce the flow of billions of dollars; the American the economy to international criminal gangs. Crimes rates in some countries where marijuana is legal to smoke are significantly smaller than that of the United States. Marijuana is not a harmful drug and is harmless than alcohol. It is proven controlled fact that marijuana is not toxic to humans; marijuana overdoes are approximately awkward, and marijuana is not nearly as sprung as alcohol or tobacco. It is prejudiced and unfair to treat marijuana users more harshly under the law than the workers of alcohol or tobacco.

First cultivated more than 5,000 years ago, marijuana is one of the older agricultural; merchandises not grown for food. Is it stalks contain fibers that can be used for industrial purposes. Marijuana's legalization will shorten the development as a loved farmed crop in the United States. Canada and European countries have succeeded to support legal hemp cultivation without legalizing marijuana, but in the United States opposition to legal marijuana keep the main obstacle to development of industrial hemp as a respected agricultural product. As United States energy rule continues to hold and promote the development of bio-fuels as another to oil need and a way to reduce carbon discharges, it is all the more main to grow recognized hemp as a bio-fuel source especially temporarily use of hemp stalks as a fuel source will not growth demand and fees for food, such as corn. Legalization of marijuana will seriously shorten the directing load on likely hemp farming in the United States.
If legalized people’s perception of marijuana improved and congress passed a bill the legalized pot, the 2 million people in the U.S. that are arrested for drug related offenses, including using or selling marijuana could be set free. If these prisoners were able to enter a regulated, safe and taxed pot trade this would mean a major boost to the nation’s economy. If it was legalized tax money paid on police enforcement would stop going down the drain and the black market would eventually stay wiped out creating a safer less dishonest environment. Look in detail at different positive effects that the legalization of pot could have. Assuming there'd be...

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