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Why Marijuana Should Be Tested For Medicinal Purposes

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Many opposers believe various legal drugs make medicinal marijuana use unnecessary, but varied strains of marijuana should be tested for medicinal purposes because there are many patients who have medical issues without known treatments that could have relief from medicinal marijuana, it could be used as a natural alternative to chemically enhanced or harmful treatments, and it could lead to the discovery of uses of marijuana for reasons outside of medicine.
One reason marijuana should be tested for medicinal purposes is there are many patients with diagnosis’ that are intractable, or hard to treat and deal with. WeedMaps, a community where medical marijuana patients connect with other patients to discuss their experiences with medical marijuana, put out an article called “Know Your Medicine.” This source is a chart of different ailments and corresponding cannabinoids. It explains that CBD, a non hallucinative cannabinoid in marijuana, has the most beneficial medical effects such as pain relief, kills bacteria growth, reduces nausea, reduces seizures, and more (1). CBD is just one of the 11 cannabinoids compared on this chart, yet there is over 70 unique cannabinoids in marijuana alone. Each of these cannabinoids bind to certain receptors and are specific for certain medical uses (1). There are many diagnosed diseases that are intractable that have numerous of the symptoms shown on this chart. Since it is already proven that these cannabinoids aid in numerous symptoms alone, more research should be done to figure out how to tailor each cannabinoid together to make them ideal to treat symptoms of intractable diseases. “The Debate Over Medical Marijuana,” an article by an American corporation called WebMD which provides health information services, discusses the use of marijuana for medicinal treatments. In one part of the article, it is explained that the use of medicinal marijuana should be based on scientific data rather than state politics. It goes on to explain the following study which presents scientific data that could potentially change the status of medicinal marijuana:
In March the Institute of Medicine, an independent organization chartered by the National Academy of Sciences, issued a report examining [scientific data of medicinal marijuana.] After a two-year review of the clinical research and literature available, the report concluded that marijuana cigarettes could help cancer and AIDS patients control nausea and pain, though there's still only rudimentary understanding of how the drug works. Findings were only "moderately promising" for treatment of spasticity diseases like multiple sclerosis, and less conclusive for glaucoma and seizure disorders like epilepsy. But the authors warned that smoking marijuana poses its own health hazards -- including possible lung damage and weakening of the immune system from impurities in plant material (par 5).
This is just the information based on one two year study. The results of this test...

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