Week 1 Q & A Essay

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Week One

Assignment Question:

Explain the steps in the boot procedure of a computer.

Your answer:
A computers boot procedure consists of a series of checks and diagnostics that allows the computer to initialize the operating system or OS. A computers boot process is comprised of 3 main components. For a system boot to be successful, the BIOS, operating system, and hardware components must be functioning properly. Each component has its own specific task and requirement throughout the process.

The first component to initialize is the hardware. When the computer powers on, the CPU (central processing unit) initializes and begins to process the pre-set boot information stored on the ...view middle of the document...

The OS or operating system is the main user interface of a computer. It translates and displays the hardware’s jumbled numbers known as computer code which consist of 0 and 1, into information that the user can easily understand. The operating system begins its boot by starting all of its main components which make important checks including memory availability, it lists the device drivers for each hardware component such as printers, scanners, external HDD’s or USB’s, and your mouse or keyboard. After these checks are completed the OS starts the main UI or user interface in which is designed to allow easy navigation of the computer with graphical functions.

Your question:
How does a computer store information such as the date, time, and boot procedures without the system turned on?

Your sample answer:
A small watch size battery is used on the motherboard which supply’s a small amount of power to the CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) to keep the computers clock running and the boot procedures stored. This is how the computer always starts with the right date and time.

Week Two

Assignment Question:

What are the major differences between a hub and a switch?

Your answer:
Hubs and switches are commonly used devices on a network and are among the most important devices used in networks of any size. Both a hub and a switch have similar tasks however how they perform these tasks is what separates them.

A hub connects multiple computers to a central point making it easier to control several computers from one access point. A hub works by sending information to each computer connected to it however it cannot...

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