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Kendall (Kendall, 2017) defines culture as the knowledge, language, values, customs, and material objects that are passed from person to person and from one generation to the next in a human group. The United States is a compilation of many diverse cultures but originated with the Native American’s. This is a rich culture full of stories and symbols such as the teepee, totem pole, peace pipe, and moccasins (American Culture, 2017). Within this culture are even more subcultures and include Cherokee, Sioux, Apache, Paleo, Chippewa, and Anasazi just to name a few (American Culture, 2017). Most people (I being one of them) think Indians have everything to do with how we live our lives now. They started living their entire lives with nothing to go off of, nobody to learn from. People now actually believe in, and live like Indians did way back when, just in a different way. My ancestors are Cherokee indians so I think this assignment is extremely interesting. Infact my grandmothers mother, was full blooded. In this assignment, I will compare the Cherokee and Sioux Indians.
Cherokee Indians came from Iroquoian descent were one of the largest of five Native American tribes who settled in the Southeast part of America (American Culture, 2017). They had settled in Georgia for many years, but were driven from their land with what is famously known the Trail of Tears (Sioux Indians, 2017). The Sioux Indians came from Asia thousands of years ago but never settled in one place (Sioux Indians, 2017). In general, the Sioux Indians were nomadic because they never stayed in one place for any length of time and followed the pattern of the buffalo (Sioux Indians, 2017).
Much of population believed that all Native American’s lived in tee pees. The Cherokee tribe lived in cabins made of logs, which is similar to how a lot of people still live now in log cabins. (Indians.org, 2017). They created towns that consisted of 30 to 60 houses amid cornfields and gardens throughout the river valleys. This seems to me like they had their own neighborhoods and were already living in ways that we do now. The Sioux Indians lived in teepee’s made of the buffalo skin they hunted. Many times the Sioux indians didn’t waste any part of any animal they killed. They would use the bones for stirring utensils and weapons, blood for paint and "ink" and many other unique things we don’t fathom now, like using the teeth for necklaces. (Sioux people, 2015). The teepee’s were originally 12 feet high but after the tribe started using horses they doubled it. Now more and more families could join and expand. The Sioux needed to be able to pack up the entire village and move within the hour and the which is why...

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