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In response to Solso, MacLin, and MacLin (2008) statement that “some developmental psychologists subscribe” to the idea “that thinking is dependent on language,” I reply with the article by Low (2006). Low analyzed responses by Parkinson’s patients when asked what they thought of their medications and treatments. What is important about the Low study is not the subject matter of the study, but instead that Low realized the quality of the outward language skills of patients with Parkinson’s was not at issue. Low understood that it is up to the non-impaired researcher or provider to find ways to communicate with and understand the patient and not the reverse. She understood that the ...view middle of the document...

The issue of communication is for the researcher to solve and not vice versa (Low, 2006).
The requirements for subjects to be enrolled in the original study that Low (2006) conducted was that patients needed to identify “themselves as a person who lives with Parkinson’s disease, had used or was using one or more alternative/complementary therapies, and was willing and able to participate in an interview lasting approximately 1 hour” (Low, 2006, p. 154). Of the 391 invitations Low sent out and the 30 people who replied, there were only 14 eligible respondents. Low (2006) in understanding the disease of Parkinson’s and its effect on a patient, tailored her interviews of these patients in a manner to elicit the most accurate responses possible in that interviews were conducted in the homes of subjects and the transcriptionists were asked to record every sound or space of silence exactly as the patient had stated by sound or silence (Low, 2006). Low followed these instructions by asking the participants to review the transcribed notes for accuracy which also gave subjects validation in that what the subject said and felt was important to the study (Low, 2006).
Low found that to facilitate discussion between she and the subjects, she needed to develop what we might call a gimmick, but she referred to as “a linguistic mannerism” which was the word “right” (Low, 2006, p. 157). Low used the word “right” in order to cope with her inability at times to comprehend the speech of...

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