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Who is responsible for developing positive relationships with parents and the community?
The responsibility of developing positive relationships with parents and the community lie within all the school personnel stakeholders. For instance, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent and the central office staff to devise a plan and procedures for keeping the board, staff, and public well-informed on school matters. More importantly, these individuals should work with key groups and influential individuals in the community to help impact the community’s educational policies and problems. With regards to an individual school’s relationship, this influence lays within the school administration; the administration is tasked with ensuring that they have a specific, and well – designed plan to help communicate with the students and parents surrounded by their school. Furthermore they should ensure that they are organizing and administering communication to parent and students that is school specific, and provides a way for the school to put its best foot forward. Finally, it is the responsibility of the teachers within the school to keep "an ear to the ground", and help to provide the administration with a keener understanding of the needs of the student population. Therefore, ensuring to parents and the community that their students are being educated by professional and concerned individuals.
What are the roles of the principal, teachers, and staff in developing positive community relations?
A principal’s role in community relations is to be an accessible spokespersons who is credible, well-prepared, and articulate; that promotes an open-door policy that is accessible to students, parents, and staff. More importantly, it is imperative for the principal to maintain internal and external communication, and ensure information flows in an adequate manner. In respects to teachers, their job is impact the attitudes and...

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