Three Models Of Change: An Outline

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Explain the three models of change
According to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “change is the only constant. “ Whether an organization is large or small, the common thread is intimidation, or having an uneasy feeling about the challenge(s) that change can bring. Below are three models of change:

Kotter Model
John Kotter introduced the Kotter model of change in 1995 in his book “Leading Change” with an eight -step program building on each step and awareness of potential roadblocks that could hurt the process
1. Create Urgency
a. Develop an urgency for the need change(s).
b. Open dialogue about what is happening.
2. Form an Alliance
a. Convince individuals of needed change.
b. Work as a team building the urgency for the needed change(s).
3. Create the Vision
a. Develop an urgency for the need change(s).
b. Open dialogue about what is happening.
c. Work with change teams.
4. Communicate the Vision
a. Communicate to the organization frequently and with focused passion.
5. Empower Others
a. The team and staff are motivated and change is accepted.
b. Remove of obstacles.
6. Creation of Short Term Wins
a. The organization needs to see some early success toward the change to motivate staff.
b. If no short-term win critics and negative thinking will appear.
7. Build on Change
a. Continue the development for the change(s).
b. Use patience and persistence.
8. Making the Change Stick
a. Continue the efforts, and seen in all aspects of the organization.
b. Promote and recognize supporters.
c. Integrate values in the organizations culture.
d. Hire new staff.

Lewins Change Model

Kurt Lewin, explained his organizational change model back 1947, Lewin using the analogy of changing a block of ice. To change the ice it needs to melt breaking down its current structure. Once unfrozen, the liquid is guided to make the change, the liquid placed in a mold creating a different shape, and refreezing the liquid into its new shape (Unfreeze, Change, and Refreeze).

This begins by challenging behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes within the organization breaking the status quo.
• Determine what change(s) are needed
• Sell the benefits to everyone (get support...

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