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Week 3 Paper

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Since my time here at Ashford I have learned many different things when it comes to CCS. Living in Indiana and dealing with CCS is very complicated because throughout the years they have changed. It seemed like every year they were changing something about it. This year they announced that they are no longer going to follow the CCS. With informing you of this please let me know if I am missing anything.
About the Standards
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were adopted in 2009 and 2010 by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers for elementary and secondary schools. Forty eight states, two territories and the District ...view middle of the document...

Language Arts Subject Areas Reading, Writing, Listening Standers. The following are examples of different CCSS that Indiana does expect for each educator to enforce.
Concepts About Print
1.1.1 - Ability to hear a word and able to spot the spoken work.
Phonemic Awareness
1.1.4 - Ability to brake words down words to know each sound within the word.
1.1.7 - Ability to form simple rhyming sentences.
1.1.8 - Understand that changing one sound changes the word.
Decoding and Word Recognition
1.1.10 - Generate the sounds from all the letters and from a variety of letter
patterns, including consonant blends and long- and short-vowel patterns, and blend those
sounds into recognizable words.
1.1.11 - Read common sight words. (
Organization and Focus
1.4.2 – Use various organizational strategies to plan writing.
1.5.3 – Write simple rhymes. (
English and Language Converted into Written form
1.6.1 – Show proper spacing with letters and words.
1.6.7 – Understanding the proper use of sentence. Knowing where the capital letter goes and what the ending pontionuation to use.
1.6.8 – Correctly spelling on simple words especially sight words. (
Five or more differentiated strategies, tools, or activities that’ll support teacher’s implementation of the CCSS for Mathematics.
There are five effective differentiation strategies to teach, reinforce and extend all your students learning and ensure their success in math. The five I would use are as followed:

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