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3) Write your client’s responses in narrative format for the Explanatory Model of Health:

a) What is your definition of health?
B.U. defines health as being in a healthy state without any disease or problems. B.U. states that a part of being healthy is eating correctly and exercising. The client states that he doesn’t like going to the doctor so he avoids going, but if he has to go he will. B.U. also states that he doesn’t have a primary physician he just goes to the med clinic.

b) What is your definition of illness?
B.U. says his definition of illness is being “sick”, and his examples are: “trouble breathing, stomach bug, stuffy nose, and more seriously cancer.” B.U. states that there is various levels of illness and the “little illness are like stuffy noses and trouble breathing.” Although, the client states that there is also “serious illness like cancer, stroke, or having a heart attack.” B.U. also states that anytime you just “don’t feel” good is a type of illness that makes the body feel “yucky.”

c) When you are ill, what do you think causes the problem?
B.U. states that when he is ill there are various causes of him being ill. B.U. states that an example of a reason he would get ill is if his friends get sick then he get the virus or bug from them. B.U. states that when there is a severe weather change he often has problems with his allergies and sinuses. Also, the client believes that some people are more likely to get sick because other family member has had a history of a certain disease for example: cancer.

d) Why do you think you get ill when you do?
B.U. states that he believes he gets sick for various reasons, and he says an example is he “works outside all the time in different conditions.” B.U. states that he doesn’t think there is really a particular reason for when he gets sick other than him just “catching what is going around.” The client also believes that he believes that he gets sick from not always dressing warm enough at work during the winter season.

e) What does your sickness do to you?
B.U. states that he feels “yucky and down” whenever he gets sick. B.U. says that he doesn’t like to do anything besides lying on the couch and eating soup when he doesn’t feel good. The client also states that he tends to miss work when he is sick, or he doesn’t work up to his full potential at work while being sick

f) How severe is your illness when you have one?
B.U. states that he doesn’t really get a severe illness that often, but when he does it is maybe once a year. B.U. states that he usually is just “down” for a couple days then he is back to normal. B.U. states that the only time he felt severely “ill” is when he was in a car accident three years ago and he...

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