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The research study Signaling a New Trend in Executive Coaching Outcome Research (de Haan & Duckworth, 2012) detailed the importance of ongoing coaching and/or mentoring to the success of a business’ leaders. The study begins by briefly over viewing the various aspects of successful business coaching by asking questions such as “does our coaching work?”, “what aspects of coaching work?” and “what intervention would work best here and now, with this client at this moment?” (de Haan & Duckworth, 2012, p. 6). Next the study began to break down breakdown the idea of measurement of coaching, but found that “all coaching outcome studies are weak by the standards of psychology and general medicine” (de Haan & Duckworth, 2012, p. 8). Even with no clear and robust studies available the research began to detail other like -minded studies in order to draw conclusions about executive coaching and its overall effects on business through statistical evaluation.
The study utilized effect size analysis to identify “the practical strength of the conclusions about group differences or about a relationship among variables” (Clark & Creswell, 2010, p. 221). The study did not go into a great amount of detail on how data was collected for each study that was analyzed nor how the statistics were calculated, but did detail the parameters of each study. For example, the first set of studies reviewed utilized customer satisfaction as their variable on which data was collected from both coaches and coachees/clients. The range of coachees/clients was between 28 and 104, while the range of coaches was between 17 and 70. The second set of studies included variables of “pre-coaching, post-coaching and follow up” (de Haan & Duckworth, 2012, p. 10) in conjunction with longer term coaching and no control group. In this study the range of clients was much more significant and went from 21 all the way to 702 and kept the number of coaches at 1. The final set of studies employed a control group and “compared the impact of internal and external coaches with a wide difference in reputation in terms (perceived) expertise and credibility” (de Haan & Duckworth, 2012, p. 11). This study followed a similar path to that of the second study and utilized 30-1202 clients with only 2-4 coaches.
In order to keep the studies consistent for the purposes of analysis a probability value less than or equal to an alpha value of .05 was used on the second and third studies. For the first study we can infer the same information, even though it was not directly stated, due to the...

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