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Identify the natural crises that are likely to occur in your school community and discuss the preparation of your school in responding to natural crises
As an administrator you should be prepared for anything which may include hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, wild fires, and freezing and blizzard conditions. As a result, all schools should be prepared to encounter natural disasters; at my school South Florence high school we have precise procedures for dealing with these disasters. For hurricanes, we get early predictions from the National Weather Service; which allows the community to prepare well in advance, and these predictions give families time to gather supplies and prepare their homes and children. Therefore as a school, we understand that we should stay home, and that the district would use the Parent-Link software to release any pertinent information. With regards to earthquakes or tornadoes we have repeated drills that review the proper procedures of things such as shelter- in place and warning procedures when dealing with falling debris. When discussing floods, wild fires, and severe winter weather conditions these activities do not necessarily have reviewable material for teachers, but for administrators much of the responsible has been designated to the SERT leader who is responsible for ensuring that these proper procedures are followed.
Identify the man-made crises that could occur in your school community and discuss the preparation of your school in responding to man-made crises
By the same token, school have to encounter man-made crisis such as fires, shooters, bomb threats, death or serious injury, sexual assaults, and hostage situations. With regards to fires we are mandated by the State of South Carolina to conduct two fire drills monthly and unannounced; this allows teachers to get a grasped of the proper evacuation procedures that maybe helpful for not only a fire drill but also a relevant natural or man-made crisis. Starting this school year, my school has begun to take active shooters procedures much more serious. Teachers went through a mandatory 3 hour active shooter drill in which with collaboration from Florence School District 1 and the Florence County Police department we completed a simulation of the...

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