Hosea, Jeremiah, And The Deuteronomistic History

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Week 5 Hosea, Jeremiah, and the Deuteronomistic History (Turnitin)
Hosea, Jeremiah, and the Deuteronomistic History text are complementary because it talks about the relationship of the people of Israel and God, Kingship and religion and the warn them about the punishment that accompanies. Though the message is the same the mode each took to deliver a God message is different.
The primary goal of the Deuteronomistic History is the perception of Kingship and religion, the word Deuteronomistic History was first formulated by Martin Noth in 1943. It refers to those historical writings (also known as former prophets), the books consist of Joshua, the judges, Samuel, and kings (Collins 2004:183). The book of king relates the history of Hebrew united and divided monarchies in their covenant failure. The narrative focuses on the figures primarily responsible for covenant keeping in Israel, the kings and prophets. The prophetic voice has a prominent place in the history of kingship because those divinely appointed messengers functioned as the conscience of the monarchies (Hill &Walton 2009: 290).
The history of the Hebrew nation is told through the lives of the Israelite and Judean kings as representatives of the nation, because the fortunes of the king and the plight of the people were entwined. Rebellion and disobedience in the form of idolatry and social injustice on the part of the king brought divine retribution on the nation in several forms, including oppression by surrounding hostile powers, overthrow of the royal dynasties, and ultimately exile into foreign lands. Conversely, the blessing of Yahweh’s favor in the form of peace, security, prosperity, and deliverance from foes rested upon the people of God when the king was obedient to the Law of Moses (or instituted religious and social reforms after repentance and revival). (Hill &Walton 2009: 290-291).
The view of Solomon kinship is the perfect illustration of the tension in the Deuteronomistic History with the concept of kingship. He does some very good things, but the fact that he is a king is fundamentally a problem in the eyes of Deuteronomistic historian (coursepack for RELL211:450). I Kings 11: 9-11 the lord was angry with Solomon, because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice, and had commanded him concerning this matter, that he should not follow other gods, but he did not observe what the Lord commanded. Therefore the lord said to Solomon, since this has been your mind and you have not kept my covenant and my statutes that I have commanded you, I will surely tear the kingdom from you and give it to your servant. The Deuteronomistic History talks about the kingship of David, Saul and Solomon but portrays the monarchy as corrupt,...

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