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Managing and successfully implementing change takes a change-ready organization. This means that the people and structure of the organization must prepare and be capable of change. For an organization to be ready for change effective leadership must be in place at every level of the organization.
It is important to know the current state of an organization when preparing for organizational redesign. The current state includes understanding variables and the relationships that the organization is comprised of, and the effect the changes will have on the organization. Part of determining the current state of a business is having an awareness of the processes and functions that make up the business, such as identifying internal and external conflicts, and trends that influence the business. An accurate assessment of the business is important to lay the groundwork for redesigning, or restructuring. To ensure the strategy remains aligned and on course, the business needs to review constantly and assess progress.
It is essential to recognize situations that need addressing, and to manage the issues promptly and effectively. If not dealt with quickly, a problem may escalate to a level that can destroy workplace relationships and damage team performance. Managing conflict, power, and politics requires an understanding and knowledge of cultural differences, and the ability to explore options.
Organizational design and structure would be one of the most important aspects of a successful organization in Jerusha’s opinion. Organizations who have well established designs and structures tend to be more successful than those whose designs and structures are vague. Over the last six weeks, we have learned useful information as it applies to organizations design, but the most pertinent information would be how to successfully initiate change within the organization. The most difficult task to overcome with the possibility of change would be resistance from employees on all levels. The most successful way to deal with the resistance in Jerusha’s opinion would be to involve employees in the change as much as possible. With involvement on both ends, the changes will be expected easily because everyone will know what roles they play in the success of the proposed change.
In reviewing the learning material about organization design, one may concur that the process would include various steps like putting together a project charter and developing a
strategy that will assess the current mission, vision, goals, and of the organization, along
with analyzing current processes, and systems. The assessment should also include a review of
one’s environment, culture, and structure of the organization. The design will focus on a business model of the guidelines and...

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